100 years of assassination in Sarajevo

History was my favorite subject for very short time in school. And I don’t think we learned much about Gavrilo Princip. We mentioned him only in context of First World War. Or maybe I don’t remember well more details, which is my fault. And I’m sure I’m not the only one from my generation who skipped her matter.

After school, I wasn’t interested to explore history by myself. I passed by the place where the assassination of Franz Ferdinand happened almost all my life, but I never really stood there, to feel the importance of that happening. I meet my friends near Bridge of Princip without really thinking who was he and what was his importance for my town, country and world.

In my case, the right way to make history closer is through art. Through photography exhibits of Milomir Kovačević Strašni I learned about the latest war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now, I’m learning about history of Gavrilo Princip and Franz Ferdinad through theater play of Dino Mustafić, “Mali mi je ovaj grob” (“This grave is too small for me”). Seeing it made me explore more about Princip and assassination, made me realize how many things I missed to see in my town. For example, I’ve never payed attention to Museum Sarajevo 1878 – 1918. And I never cared where Princip was buried (in one of Sarajevo’s graveyards). Now, those two spots are on my “To see” list.

And I plan to expend it. I want to learn and I want to know.

gavrilo princip